How to Buy a Vehicle If the Dealer Has No Inventory?

It’s well known by now that there is a shortage of vehicles across the country, and much of this has to do with the shortage of superconductor chips that are used to make these vehicles. But, we have some good news. No, we don’t expect an end to the car inventory shortage anytime soon. BUT, we do have a solution for you if you’re buying a car in our area of Racine, WI, just a short drive south of Milwaukee.

Navigate the Inventory Shortage & Buy Your Kia Near Milwaukee

Find a dealer you trust. Regardless of inventory, it’s worth being patient to buy your preferred vehicles from a dealership that you feel comfortable with. Doing so can save you hours of time, frustration, and maybe even some money too.

Get an update on your preferred model. Your time is valuable and we know you don’t want to waste it. We don’t want to waste your time either. Before taking a trip to the dealership, find out what vehicles we have available. A quick phone call is all it takes, but if you have a specific vehicle in mind, you can also fill out the form on this page.

Be patient. Vehicles may be in short supply but they aren’t short in demand. This means many people are pushing themselves to buy a vehicle as quickly as they can without taking the time to consider what they are buying, who they are buying from or the buying terms. If you let us know what vehicle you’re looking for, we can make sure you get just that and nothing less.

Order a New Car or SUV Near Milwaukee

It won’t speed up the process for you, but to ensure you get the right car or SUV, you could also discuss ordering a vehicle from Kia through us. We always strive to have a wide selection of vehicle options to choose from, but with the inventory shortage, there is no way to guarantee that. Instead, we can work with you to bring in the right vehicle at the right price… you let us do all the work and avoid the hassle of searching for your vehicle in the current market.

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